Because of the snowfall we have had this year in Boise, frozen gutters, and ice dam build ups, have become a common problem.

What Is An Ice Dam
When snow lands on the roof a home, warm air in the attic or roof melts that snow only to have it cool and freeze in the rain gutters and eaves, creating what is called an ice dam.

Why Are Frozen Gutters and Ice Dams A Problem?
When gutters are frozen and filled with ice, it prevents future snow and water from draining and the ice dam continues to build up.  Eventually, the ice dam can damage the gutters, roof, walls, ceilings, and insulation.

What Can Be Done?
A simple solution often involves simply using a roof rake to clear the ice and snow from the roof.  If attempting this yourself, take care not to cause further damage your gutters and roof.   Ice melt, gutter heaters, and proper ventilation are also possible remedies.  The best strategy depends on your specific situation, so we need to see your home to give the best recommendation.  Evaluations are free, with no pressure or obligation.


It is extremely dangerous to perform any work on a roof during the winter – If you are attempting to remove ice from gutters or remove ice dam buildups on your own – PLEASE BE CAREFUL!